Joining an agency and more ...

WOW! Where to begin? Good news or bad news first? Well, due to Deej's other commitments..we have had to let him go and we wish him well with his endeavours. He WILL be missed. So, its's just Rachael and myself (Yui) now BUT the good news is that from next week...we shall be joining the ranks of Queens Sounds artist agency and here's the link if you'd like to find out more: 


Well, am sure there's more than that...but let's start with that for now...oh, and see you all in 2021! 

PS: New single 'Serotonin Siren' release date to be announced soon! 



I am sure that we can all agree that the world is in a dire way and we are all responsible for it. We are not perfect but we CAN be the change we want to see in the world. On the other hand, some of us have faith in the new generation and that is the perspective of 'Little Child'. 

Written, produced and recorded by Ethereal. Co-writers are Jenifer Divine and David Jones. Drums by David Jones, bass by Steve Cable. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason poole of Sound Geezer Studio, Dorset. March 2020. 



the release date, the story behind it...and more!

Serotonin Siren is a song about embracing femininity, being proud of your sexuality, and being so confident in yourself that it attracts people towards you. 

It was originally a dance song called 'Tonight' which I wrote in 2011 and was about glammed up to flirt with guys in a club, and sipping on wine. 

In 2020, I came across it whilst listening to my old demos on my iPod and decided to rewrite it after a trip to Bristol to meet another queer artist. 

Getting glammed up together and going out into the city for a DIY photoshoot was enough to inspire me as well as their piano playing. 


I had alreadyt written a few piano based tracks that year but had only shared them on Youtube. it was one of the first songs that i had introduced to Ethereal & The Elevated when Deej was still playing drums for us. 

Rachael and I chose it as the next single to release but at first we were not sure if and when due to it depending on whenever we could pay the sound engineer for mixing and mastering the track. 

On that note, I recorded and produced it myself using Ableton Live 10 and bringing my basic recording gear with me to record Deej's drums. 

Even though Deej now has more time to focus on his own band...Serotonin Siren will always remind me of how much fun we had with him and Steve Cable on bass for as long as we could before the pandemic struck and made things complicated for us. 


On the other hand, I am so glad that Rachael is on board and she's been such a great attribute to this project especially withher soul - full Fontella Bass -esque vocals. 

She really has helped to give this song more power! 

Whilst we now think of how we're going to do the music video...we can at least inform you all that it'll be released on International Women's Day which is the 8th of March. 

It's focussed at mainly women, transwomen and those who are proud to be queer and stand out from all the rest.

We will also be submitting the track to blogs, online radio stations and charities who help the lives of women and transwomen.