Writers; Waritsara Karlberg, Jenifer Divine and David Jones.
Produced by Waritsara Karlberg.
Drums by David Jones.
Bass by Steve Cable.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by SoundGeezer Studio at Blue Line Studios, Dorset March 2020



Little Child I know why you’re crying

Little Child there is no denying

Little Child you know our world is dying?

So keep on crying

Keep on fighting

(Little child) x 4

Verse 1

Power-hungry warmongers

Threatening our lives

Climate change is getting stronger

How will we all survive

Although i'm all grown up now,

I still tremble all the time

What surrounds me, Just keeps somehow

Playing games with my mind

makes me Feel like a little child,

just like a little child.....

CHORUS x 2 then ....


Oh shit! There’s a glitch In the system,

Decisions, decisions But we’re oblivious

Blind to our own Self righteous carelessness

It’s ridiculous, and we’re all to blame

Break the chain, we’re making changes

millennial faces. extinction rebellion

Greta Thunberg and persistent civilians

A million faces and voices Will be seen and heard!

Attention! Attention! May I have your attention?

Humanity’s lost in a swirl of deception

Too ashamed by the truth and all the proof there is to swallow,

And cos we’re all sheeple we need someone to blame, someone to follow,

Hell has got a noose each reserved for our soul,

And Heaven can wait, cos I keep getting told,

that it’s not overflowing, that it’s not overflowing

And the only place we’re going

Is Way beneath the ground.

Looking outside Cold summers warm winters

Whatever the season, It still gives me shivers

From all the damage that we’ve done

To our own Planet Earth

Let’s not forget that Mother Nature came first.

And then there’s you, so pure, in your youth,

I bet you love it everyday when people say ‘aww, you’re so cute’

Laughing, smiling, crying, confused

Whilst we’re all trying to cope with absolutely nothing but bad news,

(And Our fight will soon be in your hands little child) X 2

(Cos YOU are our only hope) x 2